Access Request

Promote Enterprise-Wide Use of Service Portal

Clear Skye Access Request helps you ensure employees have access to the IT resources they need to do their jobs.
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Leverage the portal employees already use without the need for additional training
Clear Skye
Reduce complexity and decrease the burden on your Help Desk
Clear Skye
Make approval workflows as fine-grained as you like and align to business processes
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Improve Productivity and Increase Satisfaction  

Access requests now deliver on the promise of quick time to value, simplicity, and business alignment.
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Familiar Interface

Make it easy for employees to request access to the apps they need to do their jobs – all while using approved workflows.
Clear Skye

Customizable Workflows

Develop approval workflows that are as customized and fine-grained as you need them to be.
Clear Skye

Business Process Alignment

Build access request workflows that align to business processes to create a company culture that prioritizes governance and compliance.

Customer Success: Premise Health

Read how Premise Health automated the review process for dozens of enterprise apps that contain sensitive patient information.
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Access Request with Clear Skye on ServiceNow

Clear Skye simplifies access request by leveraging the ServiceNow Service Portal your employees are already using.
Clear Skye
Ease of use with familiar portal
Clear Skye
Reduced complexity
Clear Skye
Help desk relief
Clear Skye
Business process alignment
Clear Skye
Approval workflows based on your needs
Clear Skye
Culture of governance and compliance

Make Access Request Easier

See Clear Skye access requests in action.
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